Brow Lift-Shaping® Famous Worldwide

The Brow Lift-Shaping® technique will instantly give your face a natural lift,
allowing you to feel fresh and young, with even, smooth and more consistent brows.

The Custom Blend Brow Colour harnesses the power of custom colour match technology, allowing your Arch Angel to perfectly match your brows to suit your skin tone and colouring. If your brows already have bold, heavy colour and you want to tone them down, our Arch
Angels are trained in the techniques used to lighten your brows.

The Brow Bar® is the only brow brand with experts trained in this world-first style of brow grooming. Whatever it is you require for your brows, our team of Arch Angels are ready and waiting to transform your face, and your life, with our exclusive products and techniques.

Brow Lift-Shaping® Price List

Brow Lift-Shaping ®
Experience your Brow Whispering® consultation with an Arch Angel. Enjoy your Brow Lift-Shaping using our wax, tweeze and alignment process, custom blend brow colour and minimal eye makeup.
Loyalty Petite-Express Brow TM
Achieves clean, fresh, fashionable brows using exclusive Petite-Express techniques. Defining your brows in minutes. Our gift to our loyal Brow Lift-Shapers!
Brow Colour Lightening
Custom Blend Brow Colour
Lip or Chin Hair Removal

Brow Lift-Shaping® Testimonials

  • Virginia Gay – Winners and Losers Star“Tina and her team completely reform your face. She totally understands and complements individual features and face shapes. Every time I leave The Brow Bar I feel about ten years younger. I make sure to see her reglarly every six weeks. Tina and her Arch Angels are an indispensable beauty resource, and one of the best kept secrets in Melbourne!”

  • The Veronicas“We always feel pampered with perfect eyebrows every time, we LOVE going to The Brow Bar. We’ve been having our brows done by the Arch Angels at The Brow Bar for years now and love what they do. The work they do honestly makes us feel empowered, youthful and beautiful. We’re excited to be a part of anything that makes women feel that way.”

The Brow Bar® HALO Arch Angels “Give Back”

At The Brow Bar® our Arch Angles love to give back to our community and to women that inspire us. We honor our beautiful HALO women by pampering them in our professional seasonal photo shoot. Its lights camera action, makeup and beautiful brows. We ask our clients to nominate either themselves or each other as a deserving HALO woman. Show your love in a short story on our Facebook and tell us why you feel you are or know of a true HALO woman. An inspiring woman that truly deserves her Arch Angel inside to be honoured.