Brow Whispering

It’s not just about the shape or arch of the eyebrows. Brow Whispering is learning to understand how to read your facial features and create a brow that compliments every part of the face – from complexion and shape – as well as the your personality.

The Arch Angels at The Brow Bar® have been trained in the Brow Whispering technique -to look at a your facial features, natural brow shape and preferred brow design. They then tailor a brow to suit your personality traits and facial features, so you leave feeling the most fabulous, fresh and fashionable version of you.


In the art of face reading, the eyebrows enable us to develop an understanding between the head and the heart. Eyebrows create or suppress expression, a person’s point of view, display unique traits and frame our entire face. It is crucial the eyebrows are shaped perfectly to suit the personality and structure of an individual. As well as shape and contours, the hair growth itself plays a very important part in what the eyebrows whisper to us – about the personality, nature and behaviour of a person. Thicker brows in the centre can mean great focus, while thinning towards the end shows great peripheral vision.

BROW WHISPERING IS A TRADEMARK OF THE BROW BAR, A term invented my Chernae Silk to name the brow reading technique used at The Brow Bar®, as a part of the consultation for the famous Brow Lift-Shaping® Experience.

Brow Whispering Celebrities

Celebrities such as The Veronica’s, Karl Stefanovic and Olympian Stephanie Rice have had their brows whispered to at The Brow Bar®.

With Stephanie popping in regularly to keep her brows on track, ensuring her beautiful facial features are enhanced and her look is updated to suit the season, by artists who understand her preferences and know what suits her best.


  • Stephanie Rice – Australian Olympic Swimmer

    Stephanie Rice prefers a The Brow Bar® Oracle Brow a well manicured eyebrow that elongates upward and outward towards the temple, with a sharp pointed taper. This Oracle Brow™ indicates a very independent person with great will power. They love to achieve and get ahead. The sharper the angle of the brow means these qualities are more pronounced.

  • Catherine Zetta Jones– Well manicured eyebrows with a sharp point or arch

    Catherine’s brows indicate a very independent person with great will power. It’s their way or the highway! They love to achieve and get ahead. The sharper the angle of brow means these qualities are more pronounced. Those that aspire to have or develop these qualities, will shape their brows like this.

  • Arnold Swchwarzenegger– Low set eyebrows

    Arnie’s brows tell us that he has a very strong mind and he can suppress and control his emotions. He has a very cool nature and can sometimes, on certain subjects, have a restricted point of view.

  • Delta Goodrem– Well balanced brows

    Delta’s brows are very well balanced, they show a strong energy and excellent flow of communication between mind and emotions. Her brows tell us that she has a passion for what she dedicates her mind and heart too.

  • Shane Warne– Brow hairs that grow upward

    The start of Shane’s brow signifies the enthusiasm and passion that he puts into doing what he loves. He enjoys a challenge and has a brave heart. The messy front of the brow shows restless energy, and those who have “stand up growth” at the front of the brow, like Shane, don’t like to live a quiet life, they love to be entertained.

  • Karl Stefanovic– The straight brow

    Karl’s brows indicate a practical person that likes to stick to the facts. He likes to just get on with the job! He has a down-to-earth manner and is not easily swayed by other people’s emotions. Sometimes on certain topics he is not willing to change his views.

  • Kerri-anne Kennerly– The fashionable brow

    Kerri-anne’s brow is very fashionable and suits her individual face structure. Her arch is further out past the pupil, which can indicate a strength of observation. She is open minded and quick to react both mentally and emotionally, with a broader point of view.