Image of the beautiful Shu Uemura Lashes – a favourite of  The Brow Bar.

Fashion can be a real stickler. We’ve tried dresses with so many cut-outs we might as well be wearing underwear, wedges so chunky that they are confused for dictionaries and lipsticks in a rainbow of colours from black to purple. Whatever trends might be coming our way this summer, we are sure they are bound to be bold.

Big, bold lashes featuring feathers, a kaleidoscope of colours and any length you may desire have become the beauty trend to try for summer. So for that night your looking to grab some attention, why not pop on some daring, dramatic lashes and see where the night takes you!

The Brow Bar’s Long Weekend Lashes will be the perfect fix for any woman wanting to pencil in a little bit of extra glamour in their weekend agenda. Applied by a Brow Bar Arch Angel, these lashes are guaranteed to go the distance due to their specifically designed adhesive. Even if you just have one night of festivity planned, The Brow Bar’s All Night Long Lashes will ensure your packing a little oomph into your party ensemble.

This tricky trend may not be for average daytime wear, and definitely not for the feint hearted, but if you looking for that extra oomph out of your evening this may be your ticket.

However if your abiding by the fashion mantra whereby less is more, our Brow Bar Arch Angels can provide you with a subtle set of lash extensions to give you a delicate yet beautiful look.

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