Altuzarra Spring 2012 Ready to Wear featured a cascade of girls wearing dresses inset with Hawaiian prints, exquisite liquid fabrics and statement coats with meticulously executed tailoring. The collection swathed in quilted leathers, light-as-air nylons and techno-fabric prints has editors drawing comparisons between Joseph Altuzarra and the illustrious Balenciaga.

Back stage makeup artist, Tom Pecheux was replicating the infamous arches of the late Elizabeth Taylor on the Altuzarra runway models.

Pecheux worked a fuller-bodied brow by accentuating the arch and dusting the body of the brow onto Altuzarra muse, Vanessa Traina. “These brows are Elizabeth Taylor’s at the gym, not on the red carpet”.

The Brow Bar recommends that you lock away your tweezers in between appointments and let your brows take a sabbatical from incessant cultivation.

This season it’s all about that full, luscious arch. Let your brow return to its natural glory and a Brow Bar Arch Angel will take the reins from there.

This is not wild, schoolgirl brows, this is a thick yet dramatic power-brow! A Brow Bar Arch Angel will help you create your own Elizabeth Taylor brow at your next appointment with our acclaimed brow pencils and range of shadows available in store.

“I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions”

– Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

Lest we forget that quintessential face and those ever-perfect arches.

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