Joel Edgerton, the battler from Sydney’s outer suburban fringe, has never had anything handed to him on a plate. But after 15 years of hard slog, our 2011 Man of the Year is finally reaping the rewards of continuing to back himself when lesser men would have long given up.

“There’s a stage where you’re desperate to get a job and you’re waving your hands in a sea of nothingness going ‘Please, please, please! I’m over here, give me a job!’” Edgerton points out in the course of a wide-ranging interview. “And then you get to a point where suddenly the magic wand has been waved over you and they’re just throwing every project at you that you can imagine. It’s all or nothing.”

Having had the magic wand belated waved over him, Edgerton tells GQ he’s determined to make the most of the momentum he’s built up — while continuing to make a significant contribution to the Australian film industry that nurtured him.

(By GQ Magazine)

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