Brow Rehab Service

If you are looking for healthier and fuller brows, but are suffering from the effects of over-plucking or over-waxing, look no further than the Rehab Service we offer at The Brow Bar. During this process, our highly skilled Arch Angels use mastered techniques to achieve a look that will suit the client’s unique facial shape.

Why choose the Brow Bar service?

Not only does a first time client receive a 40-minute consultation by one of our talented artists, but they will also have a five-way wax to assist in achieving the desired shape. Additionally, a perfected tweeze technique for precision, as well as a complimentary custom blend brow colour to even out the tones, is offered.

Following this, we recommend our Petite Brow service that is designed to provide maintenance for our loyal clients as an in-between service to neaten and redefine the brow lines. This way, your eyebrows can consistently remain shaped and manicured.

What is the goal of the Brow Rehab Service?

Here at The Brow Bar, the Arch Angels have undertaken extensive training when it comes to perfecting eyebrows. Our Brow Lift-Shaping service is designed to reshape your brow, correcting unflattering shapes or patchy brows, with the petite service allowing for constant maintenance.

By booking this service, clients will be on their way to achieving the ideal eyebrow shape. It may take multiple appointments to attain the perfect shape, but our clients start seeing results after their first visit. Also, clients leave their appointment with knowledge on how to keep their eyebrows looking fabulous – day after day!

It is no secret that the right shaped brow can give anyone an instant face-lift, and the artists are passionate about delivering this for every valued client. You are most definitely in safe hands with a highly skilled, hand picked team at any of our seven salons across Australia.