Five Products to Lift Any Complexion

Some women tend to be concerned about the dull appearance of their skin. This is because when our cells get older they lose hydration, which results in the surface of our skin becoming unable to reflect light. Poor hydration, a fast-paced lifestyle, and genetics can all become contributing factors to the appearance of dull skin.

At The Brow Bar, we stock a range of specially created Face-Lift Makeup to help reduce the appearance of dull skin, which is easy to apply, as well as being an affordable alternative to expensive spa treatment. Below we have selected the top five Brow Bar products, to achieve an organic glow to the skin.

1. Tinted Primer

Our tinted primer is the ultimate all-rounder as it acts as a moisturizer and primer. The SPF 20 provides sun protection and is the perfect base for your foundation. This product is available in light, medium and dark.

2. Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation

Our self-setting, Mineral-Liquid Powder Foundation contains antioxidants and minerals, to hydrate and condition your skin. It is oil-free, hypoallergenic, and contains SPF 15, so your skin is protected all day long. Our Mineral-Liquid Powder Foundation comes in a range of shades to fit every woman.

3. Congo Mineral Bronzer

Dusting some of our Congo Mineral Bronzer on areas such as the nose and forehead, provides a natural shine to the skin, and alleviates the dullness from your face. Also, glitter bronzers contain tiny sparkles, which reflect the light, adding radiance to your skin.

4. Brow Highlighter

When applied correctly, this product highlights the arch, improving the overall appearance of the brow. The brow highlighter should be placed under the arch, tracing the line of the brow, and blending with a brush. It should be used sparingly; a little goes a long way with cream based products.

5. Baked Finishing Powder

Our finishing powder is perfect for your improving the appearance of lackluster skin. This product is designed to ‘set’ your makeup, but can be applied numerous times throughout the day. With a shimmering effect, the finishing powder will really rejuvenate your complexion.

As women, we all want to reduce the appearance of dull skin. While this cannot always be entirely prevented, due to the aging of our cells, it can be reduced through correctly applying quality products, which are available at The Brow Bar.