How to Avoid Plucking Disasters!

If you are courageous enough to keep plucking after all those previous disasters, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t over do it again!

1. Only pluck the stray hairs; the ones that won’t lead you to plucking another.

2. Avoid trying to shape your arch from the top, as it is most likely going to bring the brow down, rather than lift it up. Leave that to an Arch Angel.

3. Every few moments, step away from the mirror and have a look at the bigger picture. That goes for makeup too.

4. Always have a good idea of what brow shape you want before you start plucking or filling it in.

5. Don’t touch your brows unless you absolutely have to. Don’t be afraid of letting your natural brow grow out. Embrace your natural look.

But then again, maybe it’s just easier to come to us. Your eyebrows are always safe with The Brow Bar! xx