Matte vs. Shimmer Bronzer: What is the difference?

Bronzer is a product that helps to achieve a perfected makeup look. It is a product that is very versatile in nature, so spending a few extra dollars on it is usually well worth the investment.

Whether you are looking for a sun kissed glow, or a little more facial definition, being able to correctly apply bronzer for the desired effect is a great skill to acquire. Some bronzers are shimmery, whereas others are matte. But, how do we know what to use when, and what is the difference between them?

Matte Bronzers

Matte bronzers are primarily used for contouring the face. They are designed to mimic a shadow, by using a solid colour to warm up the skin, while subtly sculpting the face. It is important not to select one that is too dark for your complexion, or you run the risk of the application appearing ‘muddy’ and unnatural.

Shimmer Bronzers

Shimmer bronzers are designed contain tiny specks of shimmer that catch the light, acting as a subtle highlighter. Our Arch Angels will show you where and how much to apply – typically in areas where the sun would natural fall on your face.

The biggest tip with shimmer bronzers is to start with minimal application: begin by adding small amounts, and build the product up as you desire. We recommend our Congo Safari Mineral Bronzer, which can be purchased in store or online.