Rounded Brows

The perfect shaped brows for your face type can have you looking younger in minutes.

According to Chernae Silk, Founder and Director of The Brow Bar, having a rounded shape brow could be adding years to your overall look.

She has spent years studying the effect a brow shape can have on your features, and how to read your facial lines so that you can achieve the best possible result. Chernae has discovered that a semi-circle eyebrow acts like a mirror, reflecting the rounded shape of the under eye bags. This is also known as ‘Raccoon Round Brow Syndrome’, and it’s aging around 80% of Australian women by at least 10 years.

At the Brow Bar, our Arch Angels show you how to avoid ‘Raccoon Round Brow Syndrome’ through their brow whispering techniques. They have been trained to read your natural lift-lines – another discovery by Chernae, that has revolutionized the way brows change your look.

By reading the lines in your face, your Arch Angel will be able to create the best brow look for your face shape, creating an anti-aging effect. Once the ideal brow shape is achieved, it is a simple process of maintenance with any of our talented Arch Angels.