Only 20 minutes to fabulous!

Loyalty Brow™


At only 20 minutes, the Brow Lift Express service offers stunning results that fit perfectly into a fast-paced day. This service was created for people who like to maintain their perfect lines and clean appearance between Brow Lift Shapings. The service includes:

  • A quick clean-up waxing;
  • Contour, shape and trim with tweezers; and
  • A custom blend colour touch up.

Angel Tip: To experience the full beauty and wonder that The Brow Bar can offer, we recommend that first time customers book a Brow Lift Shaping, as the time spent consulting and coaching is essential to achieving and maintaining flawless results.

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The Loyalty Brow™ Service Includes:

  • Waxing with Strip Wax
  • Tweezing
  • Custom-Blend Colour