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Custom Blend Brow Colour


Colour is everything and our Custom Blend Brow Colour is like nothing you will find anywhere else. Each colour in our palette was chosen and perfected by The Brow Bar founder and owner Chernae Silk. Chernae knows that the right brow colour makes all the difference, so she has worked hard to create formulas that are worthy of The Brow Bar name.

Whether you have fiery blue eyes, or a deep, soulful brown, your Arch Angel™ will create a Custom Blend Brow Colour that will bring out the best in your eye colour and skin tone.

Angel Tip: Try changing your brow colour from warm to cool tones seasonally and really get those wide eyes gleaming!

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The Custom Blend Brow Colour Service Includes:

  • Consultation on the colour
  • Delicate colouring process until desired shade is achieved.
  • Concealer touch up.