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Half Set Eyelash Extensions


Half Set Eyelash Extensions

Classic silk eyelash extensions are applied to each individual lash along the top lash line. Your Artist will expertly grade your lash extension length and thickness tailored to your individual eye shape.
Your Lash Extensions will last up to 4 weeks with a top up infill needed due to your natural lash growth cycle.
We recommend an eyelash colour before this service to enhance lash definition and colour match with your lash extensions.

At The Brow Bar, we offer a choice of silk or synthetic eyelash extensions in a variety of lengths and curls so you can be sure that we can achieve exactly the look you want.

While you relax, your Arch Angel will use her tweezer genius to separate single lashes and adhere the extensions directly onto them.

Angel Tip: Synthetic lashes look more natural than silk lashes, and offer more versatility to the wearer.

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The Half Set Eyelash Extensions Service Includes:

  • Half set – $150 - Beginning from 1/3 of the way along the lash line, a half set of extensions is the most natural looking option and creates the look of a beautiful feminine flick.
  • Infills - $105 full set/ $90 half set - Infills are a top up service for your extensions after 2-4 weeks.