The Unique Brow Bar Techniques

Eyebrows are an important feature of the face; therefore, it is vital that the correct shape and colour is used in order to suit an individual look. At The Brow Bar, the Arch Angels pride themselves on their knowledge in tried and tested techniques such as ‘Brow Whispering’ and ‘Tweezer Tipping’, which ensure a perfect brow shape for all.

Brow Whispering

At The Brow Bar, Arch Angels are trained in ‘Brow Whispering’, which is a technique in learning to understand how to read facial features, and create a brow that compliments every part of the face. As a result of this process, a client will be left with the best brow shape to compliment their face.

Eyebrows have the ability to create or supress expression, display a person’s point of view, and frame our entire face. For example, thicker brows in the centre can illustrate a large amount of focus for a person. On the other hand, thinning towards the end can show great peripheral vision.

Tweezer Tipping

Some brow hairs are unruly, and it is common for people to tame them by snipping the hairs short with scissors. However, using scissors is not recommended – no matter how annoying those brow hairs are – because this process can often contribute to gaps, leading to inconsistencies with the natural flow of the brows.

The Brow Bar explores an alternative solution, which precisely shapes the brow without using scissors. The Arch Angels specialize in a ‘tweezer tipping’ technique that is undertaken in the Brow-Lift Shaping services. During this process, an Arch Angel will ‘tip’ the hair with tweezers, giving it a ‘feather-like’ break in order to create a more natural and fuller look.

This method has been invented, tried and tested by our founder, Chernae Silk, which she has passed on to every Arch Angel across all of The Brow Bar salons. The ‘tweezer tipping’ process contributes to perfecting the arch and consistency of the brow, which is something we are very passionate about.

The Brow Bar prides itself on using unique procedures founded by Chernae Silk, where the Arch Angels are able to create the perfect brow shape to fit any face. We recommend trying our unique services by booking an appointment at any of our seven locations across Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.